We are supporting Goffs Churchgate Academy to help create positive early experiences with mental health services, creating a safe space for students, parents and staff to explore feelings, improve understanding and gain confidence in talking about mental health and emotions. We enable individuals to understand and recognise mental health in themselves and peers, as well as providing information on the local support available in Hertfordshire. We build their confidence of accessing support if necessary, as well as how to have conversations with peers, teachers and parents, in order to reduce the impact of poor mental health.



This appeal will enable the whole school community, including students, staff and parents to access mental health provision including:

  • Information stalls at school events
  • Information Advice and Guidance at parents evenings regarding mental health support
  • Assemblies
  • Targeted workshops for students
  • Staff training

Your contribution to this appeal will help us support Goffs Churchgate Academy and their community. Every donation will help us reach our target, and thus support the health of those at Goffs Churchgate Academy.