The Green Minds Horticultural Centre is an eco-therapy project based in Watford.

This is a social enterprise set up to provide support and volunteering opportunities to individuals who are experiencing mental ill health. The Green Minds Horticultural Centre is an ‘eco-therapy’ project that uses structured outdoor gardening and creative activities to engage those who might not otherwise access support.

Activities include:

  • Growing plants and vegetables
  • Harvesting
  • General garden maintenance
  • Creating hanging baskets and plant displays
  • Designing and producing crafts and upcycling.

Individuals attending the Green Minds Horticultural Centre have the opportunity to work as part of a team, learn display, retail and customer service skills as well as taking part in events at workshops.

The centre grows organic vegetables, flowers and plants all year round for the local community to come and buy promoting the ethos of growing and buying local food.  It provides a welcoming community hub in an outdoor space where people in the local community can shop for plants, gifts or just pop in to browse.

The project enables the community of all ages, genders and backgrounds to work together at their own pace to build confidence, new skills and social connections in order to reduce loneliness and isolation.  The support delivered is therapeutic, which serves to reduce stress and depression – thus improving health and wellbeing of the individual.  For many it has served as a stepping-stone providing them with the confidence to move back into employment. 

Your donation will help us to continue this project, supporting people to develop new skills, gain horticultural experience, build confidence and self esteem and be part of the local community.