Confidence Building

Our Confidence Building course will help you discover a more confident you, improving your confidence and self-esteem.Read more

Discovering Relaxation

Relaxation techniques are useful tools for coping with stress and promoting long-term wellbeing by slowing down the body and quieting the mind.Read more

Managing Anger

Does anger interfere with your everyday life? Our Managing Anger course can help you understand anger and how to manage it.Read more

Managing Anxiety

Our Managing Anxiety course can help you highlight the triggers of anxiety and suggest alternate ways of coping with these.Read more

Managing Depression

Our Managing Depression course can help you understand triggers and start to create an action plan.Read more


Our Mindfulness course can help you recognise triggers of worrying, how these affect your mood and how to view things differently.Read more

Wellbeing and Work

Our Wellbeing and Work course will cover the three stages of the road to employment.Read more