This six week programme will explore the benefits of physical exercise on your mental health and wellbeing.

We will work with you to examine barriers to being active and look at ways in which you can work towards overcoming these barriers.

In the first week everyone will have the opportunity to set personalised activity goals that are based on your lifestyle.

During the following weeks the peer support groups will provide an opportunity to discuss your achievements and any barriers; gain motivation, encouragement and tips from your peers and look at any improvements in your wellbeing.

The final 2 hour course will consolidate the learning gained on the course and look at how you can maintain these achievements. We will work with you to find support and local groups and activities that will enable you to achieve this.  

The course and peer support groups will be run via Zoom and are for residents of Borehamwood.

Dates and times

This is a six-week programme consisting of the following dates and times:

Session 1

Friday 16th April, 1pm - 3pm, Mental Health & the Benefits of Physical Activity Course

Session 2, 3, 4 and 5

Friday 23rd April - 14th May, 2pm - 3pm,  Move for Mood Peer Support Groups

Session 6

Thursday 1st April, 1pm - 3pm, Mental Health & the Benefits of Physical Activity Course

How to access the service 

Our Move for Mood project is open access, meaning there is no need to have an initial appointment. You can also attend while waiting for one of our other services or after exiting one of our one-to-one services.

If you are not currently a client all you need to do is complete a short online Enrolment Form.

Move for Mood Enrolment Form

We will provide you with a session link and joining details. You will need a link for each session that you attend.

Please note, we will only be able to send joining instructions and links to you during office hours.

Please note these sessions are for Hertfordshire residents.

How to contact us

Please contact us on 02037 273600 to find out more about the service or to talk about the support you need.

Email: [email protected]