Why did you choose to volunteer for Hertfordshire Mind Network?               

I didn’t really choose Mind, but as the Watford Centre is near my home, I happened to walk in one day looking for voluntary work and was greeted with open arms! I had heard of Mind as a friend’s son had recently committed suicide and Mind was one of the organisations that had given the family some support

How long have you been volunteering for?

I have been volunteering for more than three years.

How has volunteering benefitted you?

I feel like a valued member of a hardworking team which is something I never really felt in my last 20 years of paid employment. Volunteering at Mind has given me a terrific amount of information and knowledge about mental health in general. It’s made me more sensitive and aware of the “unseen” problems people have with mental health issues.

What project  do you volunteer for?

I work in admin/reception at the Watford Centre, one day a week.

What is your role as a volunteer?

I work in admin/reception at the Watford Centre, one day a week. I assist in admitting clients and visitors to the centre and processing appropriate paperwork. I am one of the first points of contact for phone calls to the centre, dealing with them and passing them on to other staff as necessary. I also assist in organising initial appointments for new clients and generally assist in any way I can in the centre.

Describe a memorable moment?

The most memorable moment in my three years at Mind was the surprise award of Volunteer of the Year! It came as a complete shock, but I was thrilled with the recognition.