Why did you choose to volunteer for Hertfordshire Mind Network?               

I am studying psychology and chose to volunteer with HMN as part of my placement year after developing an interest in mental health and hearing great things about the charity from others.

How long have you been volunteering for?

I have been volunteering with HMN since October 2018.

How has volunteering benefitted you?

I have developed many practical and social skills such as admin skills and active listening, these will benefit me in the future. I also solidified my wish to work in mental health once I have completed my degree and have gained experience in the field relating to my university work which I hope will help my learning when I return to uni next year.

I have also had the chance to learn tools and skills which I can use to aid my own mental health and wellbeing.

What project do you volunteer for?

I volunteer at the Waltham Cross centre as a student placement volunteer.

What is your role as a volunteer?

My role includes peer mentoring, volunteering within groups, and admin work as well as general things like answering the doors and signposting.

Describe a memorable moment?

A moment that I will always remember is coming into the centre after a tough week in December and getting to make homemade Christmas cards and dance to festive songs with the service users in the wellbeing group, seeing the happiness on peoples faces from doing such a simple activity was amazing and I was so happy to be a part of it.  For many, Christmas is a tough period so having the chance to help others have a happy moment or give some support to them in this tougher time was extremely important to me and I will never forget that opportunity.