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About the group

This is a drop-in group for those who have attended a DBT or SCM course and would like to continue practicing using the skills learnt. Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) and Structured Clinical Management (SCM) are offered as a set programme by Hertfordshire University Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (HPFT). 

Our DBT Peer Support Group runs on a weekly basis and is for those who have completed these courses with HPFT (or another provider if attended before moving to the Hertfordshire area).

The group is designed to be flexible, with a focus on the skills that you would like to use and discussions about how to apply them to day-to-day life situations. It is a small and informal group in a relaxed setting. 

You will gain:

  • An opportunity to meet others
  • A chance to support and motivate one another in using DBT tools & techniques

There will be a discussion on current life activities and challenges, looking at which DBT/SCM skills you might need a refresher on – this may vary from week to week. You will either go over worksheets in the DBT workbook (if you have not covered all of them during your course) or research other DBT related resources and worksheets which may be useful to you. 

By refreshing the knowledge and use of skills learnt previously, you will be encouraged to either continue or resume using them in order to support the management of your mental health and wellbeing.

Group details

The group takes place every Friday: 11:30am – 1pm at our Watford Wellbeing Centre, 501 St Albans Road, Watford, WD24 7RZ

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