About the service

Our Stepping Stones team visit Kingfisher from Monday to Friday to assist in making each patient’s stay as comfortable as possible.

Often inpatients go from having 24 hour care within the hospital to being discharged to an isolated environment where they may not have the support system they need to continue developing their self-esteem and confidence.

Our goal is to build rapport with these patients and ensure that they have all the information and resources available in order to educate them on the services HMN and other local organisations offer to reduce readmissions.

Stepping Stones also offers the unique opportunity to take patients on outings (should their section allow it) to run errands, go shopping, go on walks and have a break from the ward

We aim to support all inpatients specifically those who may not have a strong social circle outside the hospital and who may not have the opportunity to use up their escorted leave because of this.

This service has been running for over 10 years and works to expand patient’s social inclusion as well as working along side them to encourage personal development.

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