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This wellbeing course will help attendees to gain an understanding of what emotional resilience is. It will look at what makes a person emotionally resilient and the keys to developing it. Attendees will have an opportunity to look at their own resilience traits and build on them by developing a personalised action plan. It will look at how to identify sources of stress and how to identify sources of support to overcome them.

The content was relevant and concise with a good mix of informative listening, interactive sessions and breaks


What it will cover?

  • The connection between emotional health and resilience.
  • What the keys to emotional resilience are -including reflective practice, emotional intelligence, social confidence and social support.
  • How to assess your own resilience traits and build a personalised action plan.
  • An understanding that emotional resilience is not developed in isolation.

Courses details

  • The wellbeing course can be delivered as a 2 hour introductory webinar or as a 4 week webinar.
  • Wellbeing courses can be tailored specifically to suit organisational need.

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