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This wellbeing course will help attendees gain an understanding of what self-esteem is and identify their current level of it. By understanding the factors that contribute to self-esteem it will enable attendees to improve their level of self-esteem through the use of evidence based practices. It will look at how to reach beyond your comfort zone to accomplish your goals in life.

Wonderful trainer with a wealth of knowledge who used an open, approachable style which worked well within the group


What it will cover?

  • What self-esteem is and how self-compassion and self-acceptance are important areas in building self-esteem.
  • Practical strategies to counteract the impact of negative emotions.
  • How  thinking patterns and adapting them can have a  role in building self-esteem.
  • The importance of goal setting in building self-esteem.

Course details

  • The wellbeing course can be delivered as a 2 hour introductory webinar or as a 4 week webinar
  • Wellbeing courses can be tailored specifically to suit organisational need

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