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This mental health and medication awareness course is aimed at those individuals with an existing knowledge and understanding of mental health who would like to gain a general insight into medication used for mental health and its impact. The session will explore the different types of medication, when they may be used and possible side effects. The session will use a case study exploration approach to consider the impact (both positive and negative) of medication use on individuals in order for delegates to gain and insight into the lived experience of this. Please note that this session is for informational purposes only.

The training was delivered online very well. I really enjoyed the service user videos and getting to understand and listen to the experiences of those taking medication to help with their mental health. I also really enjoyed the case studies


What it will cover?

By the end of this training it is expected that you will:

  • Understand the different types of medication used for a range of mental health conditions and the categories they come under.
  • Understand why an individual may take medication and also why other options may be more suitable.
  • Understand some of the side effects of taking medication and how these may present themselves.
  • Be aware of who can prescribe medication for mental health conditions and the process of monitoring and reviewing.

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