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This wellbeing course will help attendees gain a better understand anxiety, to identify what their triggers are, understand negative self-talk and critical thinking and be able to challenge those internal thoughts.  It will look at what maintains anxiety, what safety behaviours are and what distraction techniques they can use.  It will look at problem solving and learn how to build fear ladders to face their challenges. Attendees will look at setbacks and create a ‘Healthy me’ plan as well as practicing various meditations and relaxation techniques weekly.

The tutor made sure that everyone felt seen and heard. I am so impressed with their teaching. So much so that I want to do a few more of the courses


What it will cover?

  • The relationship between thoughts, behaviour and physical symptoms.
  • How to challenge unhelpful thoughts and adapt your behaviour in anxiety provoking situations.
  • Strategies and techniques to overcome avoidance.

Course details

  • The wellbeing course can be delivered as a 2 hour introductory webinar or as a 4 week webinar.
  • Wellbeing courses can be tailored specifically to suit organisational need.

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