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Looking after someone you care about can have a huge impact on your own wellbeing.  We understand this and recognise it is important to take time out from your caring role and to reduce feelings of isolation and pressure.

As a carer you can often feel tired, worried, anxious, sad and stressed. Some carers have described feelings of panic, feeling guilty and finding it difficult to cope with the changing moods of those they care for. Sometimes you may feel angry and over whelmed.

Being a carer can also feel very lonely at times, which is why our carers service is able to provide a variety of services to provide support for your individual needs.

Our carers support is tailored to each individual carer.  We offer emotional support, practical help, and social interaction. You are not alone.  We are here to support you as a carer and a person in your own right and to help reduce some of the above.

How we can help?

Our carers support can help you in a variety of ways, depending on your current needs and your preferences. We can offer:

One-to-one support

We can offer one-to-one sessions face to face, or by telephone, or through an online platform. This  will be provided by our dedicated Carer Peer Support Workers, who have their own lived experience of being a carer.

Group sessions

Group sessions where you can connect with other carers and explore common issues, concerns and share ideas. The purpose of the groups is to allow carers to take time out from their busy caring role, provide opportunities to share experiences gather information and meet new carers who understand through day-to-day experiences.

The one-to-one sessions and group sessions will provide support with the following areas:

  • Emotional and practical support.
  • Support to improve health and wellbeing.
  • Support to access community-based services, activities and resources.
  • Building life skills, confidence and own self-esteem.
  • Support to build social networks as well as help reduce isolation.

We also provide

You can access other areas of our service provision and our Carers Peer Support Workers can help you with this.

Meeting Places

You can come along to our weekly Meeting Places, where you can come and have a cup of tea and a chat with no obligation to attend on a regular basis. Please click here to see our Meeting Place times

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