About the service

Peer mentoring is a one-to-one person-centred support service offering emotional and practical support. The service is staffed by trained volunteers with a wide range of experience and they will work with you to look at what support you need and the goals you would like to work towards.

How we can help?

Peer Mentoring can offer up to 12 sessions either over the phone, on Zoom or in the community (COVID-19 restrictions permitting), which can last up to one hour.

Examples of support may involve:

  • Practical assistance and emotional support in managing mental and physical health wellbeing
  • Building upon life skills, confidence and self-esteem
  • Developing coping and management techniques
  • Supporting access community groups that will enable individuals to widen their social network
  • Helping to identify other organisations that may provide further support
  • Inspiring hope and positivity for the future

This service is available to adults who are experiencing or recovering from mental health problems and to their carers. You do not need a mental health diagnosis to access this service.

How to contact us