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Our Access & Engagement activities are an integral part of our overall marketing strategy. These are made up of IAPT Wellbeing Access, Engagement & Events, and are supported by Influence & Participation. Together, these areas of the charity aim to help more local people access services to benefit their wellbeing.

IAPT Wellbeing Access

Within our marketing team, we have staff who promote and raise awareness of our services to generate referrals, who are called Wellbeing Access Workers.

Alongside Hertfordshire Mind Network services, our Wellbeing Access Workers also promote HPFT IAPT Services from the NHS. They provide access to primary care psychological therapy services in Hertfordshire through a wide range of confidential talking therapy treatments and practical support for adults with common mental health problems.

The IAPT service includes a range of free webinars, as well as providing interactive workshops (both online and in person) from their psychological wellbeing practitioners.

The services are part of the national NHS initiative called Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT). You can find further information on the HPFT IAPT website.

Herts Mind Network Engagement & Events

Our team are active across the Hertfordshire community through their regular access and engagement events. These vary in terms of their locations and audience, but often come in the form of a either a stall or delivering a presentation.

Any stall event or presentation will include a wide range of promotional and informative materials – including leaflets, posters, booklets, pull up banners and much more. The materials have detailed information on both Hertfordshire Mind Network and IAPT, so that visitors can identify the right mental health support for themselves or someone they know.

Our Wellbeing Access Workers are also present and can offer further information and answer any questions that may come up on the day.

The types of presentations we deliver include services overviews (of both Herts Mind Network and IAPT), and an introduction to mental health awareness.

If you have any questions about our Access & Engagement work, or would like to book our team for a stall or presentation, please email [email protected]

Influence & Participation

We highly value and actively seek the involvement and participation of our staff, volunteers and service users with lived experience of mental illness.

We use this to enhance many areas of the charity including interview panels, workshops, focus groups, training and the development of our services.

If you have a lived experience or passion for any mental health related topics, please do contact [email protected] if you would like to get involved.

Our Partners

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