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Our vision

Every person in Hertfordshire will feel supported with their mental health.

Our purpose

  1. We fight for the mental health of every person in Hertfordshire.
  2. We provide mental health support, opportunity, advocacy and resources.
  3. We will elevate and promote the voice of those with lived experience of mental ill health.

Our values


We believe in potential, possibility and opportunity. We embrace a culture of curiosity and sustainability. We believe in choice, freedom, change and a better future for every person experiencing mental ill health.


We are determined, bold and unstoppable. We welcome transformation and innovation, advocate for improvement and influence change in Hertfordshire’s mental health system. We are resilient and speak loudly in the face of adversity and inequality, and we fight tirelessly for mental health.


Coproduction is at the heart of our organisation. Together we share learning, build relationships and connect with others. We work in partnership with individuals, voluntary sector and statutory services, local organisations and companies, to generate new ideas and promote inclusion and diversity and a better understanding of mental health across our community.


We are open and transparent. We take time to listen, to learn, to share and to act. We adjust to change, make timely decisions and are both respectful and inclusive.

To find out more about how our values inform our work, please see our new Strategy for 2022-2027

We won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets both support and respect.


Our Partners