Purpose of role

We are seeking volunteers for our Nightlight Crisis Service to work a minimum of 3 hours an evening at least once a week, to support people in the community who are feeling distressed and experiencing a crisis. Volunteers will work alongside staff to provide support at one of our centres. The Nightlight service has recently been expanded so the role is extremely flexible and diverse and is expected to develop as the service does.

This is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to increase their understanding of mental health issues and provide support within their local community. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for students studying towards a mental health care professional qualification, particularly one requiring practical experience working alongside a wide range of mental health professionals. It can also be a route forward to working as a paid member of staff within our Nightlight team.

Time commitment

A minimum of 3 hours per shift, at least once a week


  • Hemel Hempstead (Crisis House)
  • Watford (Crisis Café/Helpline)
  • Stevenage (Crisis Café/Helpline)
  • Ware (Crisis Café/Helpline)
  • Hatfield (Crisis Café/Helpline) 

Main tasks